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Of Course – we are here to help sort through the hundreds, if not thousands of loans for you and make the decision process much easier… if you feel strongly about a lender or lenders, then we can eliminate some lenders, or we can allow the lenders to all compete on equal footing and choose the lender which is simply financial best for you, or the lender which may have the more appropriate policy, lend you more.. or allow you to structure your lending in such a way which best suits your needs.

NO you don’t NEED to refinance to use your equity in your current property….. however there are a few “stars” at the end of this answer because every situation and lender has different policies. But if your current lender will allow for the purpose of your new loan and there is enough equity in your property and you have the income to service the new loan, then you don’t need to refinance….

That depends on many, many factors such as how much you have in your SMSF, what other assets you have in your SMSF and if you have an acceptable vehicle within the SMSF which allows the SMSF to borrow funds….. then in addition there is the cost benefit analysis to be completed…. if you are buying a $200,000 asset which is growing at 5% PA and you have $10k in expense to manage the SMSF, then the asset is giving you no return and in fact you will be going backwards as a result of the zero return. Our dealings with any Client looking to purchase in their SMSF is that the asset must be A-GRADE, at a reasonable price point to offset the on going costs and must be a conservative acquisition.

Quora Financial Vision

To distinguish Quora Financial as an admired multinational financial services leader, trusted partner, and provider of innovative financial solutions for growing and protecting your wealth.

Worthy of Trust

Trust is earnt and not given. Our commitment to our clients best interests means that we are open and transparent.

Customer Focused

The business is customer centric, with all processes, systems, products and service customer focused. A great customer satisfaction comes a successful business.

Succeeding with Integrity

We are passionate about becoming the unrivaled industry leader by achieving higest standard of results for our customers, investors and communities.

To help our customers achieve financial prosperity and peace of mind and use Your Numbers To Unlock Your Financial Potential.

Our Story

Why Nikola Tesla As Inspiration?

Nikola Tesla believed that there was a divine code using the numbers 3,6,9. Paradoxically, 9 plus any digit returns the same digit ie. 9+5=14 (1+4 = 5).. The sum of all the digits excluding 9 = 36 (3+6 = 9). Nikola believe that numbers would unlock the secrets of the universe and he was copied and many of his thoughts and belief systems were stolen and with 500+ inventions, has been this world’s most influential inventor.

Culture Of
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People Based Outcomes
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Experienced Team

Quora Financial has some of the most experienced financial advisor and property investment advisors, we can help you achive your financial goals.

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