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Welcome to Quora Financial

Founded in 2017, Quora Financial is a company who’s nucleus formed 20 years earlier when Directors Chris and David embarked on their careers in the banking industry…..For a decade Chris and David worked in the lending industry honing their skills in all types of lending including consumer, commercial and development. With roles ranging from technical lending, credit, business development and advice and portfolio management.    

Chris expanded into the discipline of Financial Planning and Investment advice while David honed his property expertise rounding off Quora’s holistic service approach. Quora Financial is the culmination of Chris and David’s shared and individual experience.  When harnessed together, Quora Financial makes a comprehensive and expert, financial partner for any individual, family or business.  We’re your life long personal lending and investment advisors.

Let Quora Financial unlock your financial potential.

Services Made For You.


Buying a property can be an emotional journey. Our role is to ensure that you know that you have the safety and re-assurance of an approval from a lender before you commence the journey.

Life changes and your loan may need to change with you, so we ask more questions about you and your goals than some may not seem necessary, however we believe in knowing the whole story about you,  this will ensure the most appropriate financial solutions is supplied for now and in the future.

Financial Planning

Good financial planning is at the heart of so many of the key milestones in many Australian’s life journey.

Buying a new home, investment property, launching a new business venture, supporting your children throughout their schooling, feathering the retirement nest and satisfying any philanthropic aspirations are far-reaching needs that should be met with skillful advice. At Quora Financial, we provide a complete service to support you, every step of the way.


Protecting your family, lifestyle and assets is not conversation we want to have everyday, but we do need to have it.   Not many of us drive around in an uninsured car but many of us go through life not insuring family properly.

Once we identify your needs, we work with your personal and superannuation cash flow to ensure you’re protected.  We can also review your current insurance to make sure your coverage is appropriate and the premiums are competitive.

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We’re Going To Use Your Numbers To Unlock Your Financial Potential.

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As Experienced Advisors we have helped many Australian's fulfill their financial and investment goals.

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Compare and Save on your Mortgage Quora Financial is a boutique financial advisory business.

We help every day Australian’s with mortgages, financial planning, Investment Strategy, superannuation, risk insurance and Vehicle finance. Our Strategists are here to help you maximise your financial results.

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“I have over 20 years experience in Finance, Financial Planning, Investment and Real Estate.   I can draw on different experiences from major banking institutions such as NAB, ANZ, Challenger and Suncorp to working with successful private companies.

Having spent the last 6 years as a self-employed financial Advisor working closely with my clients, I have a strong understanding of what matters to families.

As a busy father of two boys and part time Football coach, I recognise that life is so much more than spreadsheets and numbers.   However, I also recognise that making those numbers work for you unlocks untold future potential.”

Chris Devlin – Managing Director & Founder


Quora Financial Vision

To distinguish Quora Financial as an admired multinational financial services leader, trusted partner, and provider of innovative financial solutions for growing and protecting your wealth.

Why Nikola Tesla As Inspiration?

Nikola Tesla believed that there was a divine code using the numbers 3,6,9. Paradoxically, 9 plus any digit returns the same digit ie. 9+5=14 (1+4 = 5).. The sum of all the digits excluding 9 = 36 (3+6 = 9). Nikola believe that numbers would unlock the secrets of the universe and he was copied and many of his thoughts and belief systems were stolen and with 500+ inventions, has been this world’s most influential inventor.

Terrace House

Worthy of Trust

Trust is earnt and not given. Our commitment to our clients best interests means that we are open and transparent.

Customer Focused

The business is customer centric, with all processes, systems, products and service customer focused. A great customer satisfaction comes a successful business.

Succeeding with Integrity

We are passionate about becoming the unrivaled industry leader by achieving higest standard of results for our customers, investors and communities.

To help our customers achieve financial prosperity and peace of mind and use Your Numbers To Unlock Your Financial Potential.

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